Honda simulates bad UK roads in test centre

Honda’s Japanese test centre are to build a new test area dedicated to replicating some of the UK’s worst roads. The project leader, Mitsuru Kariya, spoke out at the launch of the new Honda Civic, which has seen more European development miles than any previous Civic. This is especially exciting news as there’s nothing worse than being stuck on the motorway listening to needlessly excessive road noise as the Government skimped on the costs of creating the road in the first place.

[quote]As a result we are trying to reproduce a typical UK road surface at our test track in Japan, so we can at least set the right development direction for the cars before we begin the costly testing on the actual roads.

“Dynamicaly we still believe German roads are the most challenging, because of the higher average speeds, but it is true that the UK road surface is the worst, and that presents its own problems.[/quote]

You can keep up with the latest on the new Honda Civic by clicking here.

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