Toyota FT-86II

I remember reading about the FT-86ii concept when it was first announced; in short it restored my faith in the motor industry. In a time when cars like the Type-R and Evo are being written off and manufacturers are creating more and more hybrid, ethnic, environmentally friendly pieces of dribble it’s refreshing to see a Japanese car with the FR layout which looks like it is going back to basics as a driver’s car.

The car is a joint venture between Subaru and Toyota meaning it will come with a 4 cylinder boxer engine so it is guaranteed to sound as fantastic as it looks as well as having the benefit of the lower center of gravity for improved handling.

The thing that I like most about this car is I get the impression that the accounts or marketing departments have been kept well away from this project and it is the creation of only people who genuinely enjoy driving. The FT-86ii claims to reincarnate the spirit of the AE-86 Corolla that we all know and love, again the FR layout meant it was used for rally, drifting and tuner street racing all to great effect but the thing I like most of all, is that Toyota aren’t concentrating their efforts on meaningless riff raff like a “funky design with a modern interior” or “practical sized boot with plenty of rear leg room” like lesser companies would feel the need to focus their attention. They are simply bothered about making a proper, good fun, driver’s car. I just hope this time the car lives up to its expectation because Alfa Romeo will give them some stiff competition with the similar spec 4C when it is released and BMW, the king of drivers cars, has the Z series to compete with.


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