UK speed limit to be increase to 80 mph

Finally, some good news for UK motorists. The current UK speed limit is set to rise to 80 mph by the year 2013. The Government’s Transport Secretary, Phillip Hammond, is set to announce the plans this weekend at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester.

This doesn’t come as a shock though, motorists have been campaigning for years to set a higher limit which has been set at 70 mph since the 1960s. Since, the build quality and safety of cars has greatly increased. According to Government statistics, almost half of UK motorists exceeded the current 70 mph limit last year, with 14% breaking the 80 mph mark.

In other news, it is likely that the number of 20 mph zones in built up areas will increase. Let’s see what 2013 has to offer..

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  1. Matt Newton

    Personally I find it difficult to maintain a steady 70mph all the time when cruising as the car always wants to just creep up a bit.So having that extra 10mph will be like having a safe zone for me. To maintain fuel economy I’ll likely stick to around 70 anyway.

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