New Civic Type R to have a turbo

Purest Civic fans are in for a shock as Honda’s next fire breathing Civic Type R will be their first ever turbo model.

The legendary Normally Aspirated VTEC lump is due turbo upgrade in order to abide by strict Euro V emission regulations. This could be the beginning of the end of the high revving, high powered NA engines of yesteryear as car manufacturers are forced to ‘go green’.

The 2.0 litre engine is likely to kick out around 210 bhp which should launch the Type R to 62 in under 6.5 seconds and on to a top speed of around 150 mph. A similar lump will be found in next years British Touring Car Champion entry from Honda. With the addition of a turbo, more torque should be introduced earlier on in the rev range, this should allow for drivers to use a higher gear to increase fuel efficiency.

The next generation Type R will be based upon the new Civic revealed at Frankfurt last month. It’ll feature a revised front bumper with larger air intakes and splitter, beefed up side skirts, rear diffuser and extended spoiler.

The new Honda Civic Type R is expected to go on sale in 2013 with prices starting around £23,000.

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