Nissan Juke-R packs GT-R punch

So it turns out that last weeks rumours of a GT-R powered super Juke were true.

Nissan are creating monstrous 480 bhp GT-R powered AWD Juke, the Juke-R. Nissan’s finest engineers have given themselves 22 weeks to find a way to shoehorn the GT-R’s 3.8 litre twin turbo V6 power house into the Juke’s engine bay. They’re not stopping at that though, the beast-R would be pointless without the GT-R’s magnificent AWD system, meaning the Juke will need to be stripped down and rebuilt from the ground up.

The project is being carried out right here in the UK by motorsport legends RML, the same guys who created the Nissan Micra R a few years back, which featured a 350Z engine where you’d expect to find the rear seats.

Once complete, the exterior should boast a whole range or GT-R wonders such as a wide body carbon fibre aero kit, bonnet vents and rear spoiler. The Juke-R is also expected to sit on 20″ forged RAY alloy wheels with super sticky tyres.

On the inside you should expect to see the GT-R’s 7″ Playstation-like LCD display, bucket seats with five point harnesses and a FIA approved racing spec roll cage.

As it stands, Nissan are due to build two examples of the Juke-R, one in left hand drive, and the other in right hand drive. If they can spark enough interest (which I’m sure they will), there may even be a limited run of Juke-R’s produced somewhere down the pipeline.

Check out the following video of the Juke-R

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