Nissan prototype a 10 minute electric car charger

One of the worse things about owning an electric car is the charge time. A normal car would just go to the petrol station and fill up within minutes, an electric car however takes around eight hours. Well Nissan are looking to change this.

Nissan, along with Japan’s Kansai University have creating a high tech charging station which can charge cars like the Mitsubishi iMiEV and Nissan Leaf in as little as ten minutes.

The speedy charge time is all down to changing the electrodes inside capacitors from carbon to tungsten oxide and vanadium oxide, improving the power flow. Batteries charged using the renewed methods were fully charged in ten minutes, a 7 hour 50 minute saving on the standard process.

The news is not all good though, manufacturers have so far been unwilling to adopt newer charging technologies despite raising demand from consumers. With such a poor economic climate cutting budgets, we can only wait and see how this will pan out.

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