Toyota FT-86 announced as the GT 86

After what seemed like a lifetime of teasers and concepts, the Toyota FT-86 has now been officially revealed as the Toyota GT 86 ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show.

The lightweight four seater coupe is to be powered by a 2.0 litre four cylinder boxer engine developed by Subaru. The GT 86 will produce 197 bhp at 7000rpm and 151lb ft at 6600rpm with a top speed expected to be limited to 155 mph.

The gearbox will come in two flavours, a six speed manual, or a six speed automatic with a paddle shift on the steering wheel. Toyota have designed the GT 86 to have as low a centre of gravity as possible at just 475mm. The drivetrain and accessories have been positioned to sit as low and as far back as possible to achieve a 53/47 weight distribution, just kilograms away from the perfect 50/50 setup.

The GT 86 will be arriving on UK shores next summer rumoured to be price below £28,000, although speculation has it that this price could creep down towards £24,000.
Further technical information should be announced next week during the Tokyo Motor Show.

Here you can see how the GT 86 clings to the road on these twisty Spanish mountains.

Below you’ll find a gallery which covers the 86’s beauty from every angle.

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