New Civic Type R Turbo

Honda have confirmed that the next generation Civic Type R will be the first ever turbo model, pushing up to 300 BHP.

R&D president, Yasuhisa Arai has confirmed that the new Civic Type R will get a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine with up to 300 BHP in order to keep up with the Renault Megane Cup 265, especially around the Nurburgring.

We have an idea of the products our rivals are developing and regardless of what anyone else produces, our car will be the fastest front-wheel-drive model around the Nurburgring when it goes on sale. And we will do whatever we need to in order to make that happen. – Yasuhisa Arai

Historically, Tyre R’s have always featured a naturally aspirated, high revving VTEC engine. Honda are hoping the new turbo Type R will still provide the top end power you’re used, whilst improving efficiency.

Being a front wheel drive car, Honda are planning to renovate the suspension setup to minimise torque steer whilst also improving handling. It’s rumored that a mechanical LSD and four wheel steering may be on the cards, but this will of course add to the cost.

With a target price of £25,000, it’s doubtful that they’ll manage to squeeze everything in. It’s a good thing Honda have until 2015 to work everything out…

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