Welcome to 43rd Tokyo Motor Show

Tokyo-Motor-Show-2013“Compete! And shape a new future.” That is the slogan for 43rd Tokyo Motor Show that is running right now.

Tokyo motor show is, without a doubt, one of the five major car shows in the world and this one brings together 14 Japanese companies, 15 Japanese car brands and 18 foreign brands. Moreover, Tokyo Motor Show hosts Volvo Motor Company for the first time in past six years.

Last time, Tokyo Motor Show has been visited by more than 840.000 visitors, and, by estimates, that number will be highly exceeded during this year’s show. Even though there are 18 foreign car brands, Japanese automotive industry plays the main role in this theatre.

We bring you the most important Jepanese premieres of 43rd Tokyo Motor Show.

Lexus RC 300h

Lexus RC ExteriorThis car is made just for the one thing – to inject emotions in Lexus. This could work. RC is really a nice looking vehicle and it shows that hybrids do not have to be dull as we are accustomed to. RC 300h brings fabulous look, sophisticated aerodynamics and a huge grill. It’s really packed with emotions on outside, but the interior still remains a bit boring. Coupe received its main styling lines from concept vehicles Lexus introduced few years ago and this one is powered by a hybrid system which churns out more than 250 HP.

Lexus RC InteriorLexus RC back

Toyota FCV Concept

Toyota FCV ConceptTwo high pressure hydrogen tanks are sufficient to propel this car for 310 miles.

Toyota was first to make use of electric motor in a mass produced car. Now, they are trying to do the same with hydrogen. Toyota FCV Concept might be an early step towards mobility based on widely available hydrogen. The biggest Japanese car producer is in the final stages of development of FCV Concept and Toyota plans to launch the car in 2015.

Toyota FCV Concept 3Toyota FCV Concept 2

Honda S660

HOnda S660 frontJapanese Kei cars are “assigned” exclusively for Japanese car market. However, Hondas new kei car S660 might come to Europe as well. The new car is powered by 660 cc engine which develops 64 HP. According to the known technical specifications, this engine is sufficient enough for a car that weighs less than 1.980 pounds. There are some rumors that this car will come to Europe as well, but it will be equipped with one litre turbocharged petrol engine Honda recently introduced.

Honda S660 interiorHonda S660 rear


Subaru Cross Sport Design Concept

Subaru Cross Sport Design ConceptCross Sport Design Concept is a mysterious Subaru concept that showed its face for the first time on Tokyo Motor Show. It looks a bit like BRZ, and it is based on it. Nevertheless, the new car brings higher ground height, unusual design and a few cosmetic touches similar to those we see on Subaru off road vehicles. This car is powered by a two litre Subaru boxer engine known for its use in BRZ (Toyota GT 86).

Subaru Cross Sport Design Concept rearSubaru Cross Sport Design Concept interior

Nissan GT-R Nismo

Nissan GT-R Nismo front 2The monster is back. GT-R Nismo bows on Tokyo Motor Show as one of the most powerful and “fittest” cars. With 600 HP on its disposal, Nismo GT-R is capable of lapping the Nurburgring in 7 minutes and 8 seconds. GT-R Nismo gained new suspension, better brakes, more sophisticated aerodynamics and bigger tires. It makes a hell of a statement once again.

Nissan GT-R Nismo DialsNissan GT-R Nismo engineNissan GT-R Nismo Suspension
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