20 car blogs to look out for in 2014

A swarm of car blogs in Britain filled the internet “market” like cheap Korean cars filled Eastern Europe. We’ve managed to gather the best 20 automotive blogs so you can choose which to follow in the future.


With more than 180,000 Facebook fans, is one of the most influential car blogs in Great Britain. made its first steps in January 2009 when its founder Adnan Ibrahim started writing about cars from his university bedroom. Unlike other car blogs, Car Throttle is a car community for the social generation. The blog produces content aimed squarely at young or ‘young at heart‘ auto enthusiasts who love sharing online. They even established a special name for the huge list of their followers – #TeamCT. Car Throttle made a great impact on British automotive culture, and they continue to do so thanks to efforts to advertise on social networks.


carztune is a project led by a young and enthusiastic team which offers the best information about novelties on car tuning market, tuning accessories, performance tuning, modified cars and automotive news in general. Carztune have built up a great archive of tuned vehicles and car tuning show information. Their main focus is writing about car tuning and modified cars. was launched at the beginning of January, 2008 and is currently celebrating its 6th birthday. Tuning show news and fastest and most attractive car reviews are organised in a simple but highly manageable form with special care focused on ease of access and browsing.



You won’t find anything rational on this blog. Petrolblog is all about emotions, fabulous classics from 70s, 80s and 90s and wonderfully written reviews of new cars. Along with the reviews, news, tips and tricks you may find a few interesting themes closely related with British automotive industry. You can follow petrolblog on every major social network, linked below. Petrolblog started to operate in February of 2010. As the founder of petrolblog is highly addicted to cars from the era of 70s, 80’s and 90’s, blog is filled with information, reviews and subjective opinions on cars from that era.



The name says it all. Cars and girls makes the best combination in the world, and this blog shows just that. Read reviews, take a look at the most bizarre car transformations, enjoy the best looking concept cars and learn about automotive industry the fun way.

We love to showcase the coolest cars from around the world on this blog for all to enjoy. If you’ve a cool car you wish to showcase on here or anything cool related to cars, then please read our submit article page before contacting us.

That said, it is clear you can also publish your own article on this car blog.



It is simple, it is clear and it is lucid enough to make you stop by every day. brings you the newest car reviews, news from automotive industry and a rational perspective to the whole automotive ecosystem in Great Britain. With news and car reviews, you can enjoy browsing through extensive base of fabulous pictures categorized in galleries. is a modern car blog and subscribing to it you will surely be fully informed about UK motoring and the automotive industry.



Gargling Gas is a blog dedicated to cars with souls, cars that if pricked bleed blood rather than just oil. After all, cars have feelings too, right?

There are a million blogs out there obsessed with posting the latest Italian supermodels, the Lambos and Ferraris, and whilst I’m a fan, GG prefers the rare, quirky and unusual. Gargling Gas also likes to feature different car cultures, from Illegal Street drifting in Osaka to NASCAR, Japanese turbo to Sleepers and everything in between.

said James, the man behind Gargling Gas.

Gargling Gas is only a year old, but it has been a long time coming from his experience writing for Motor Ward, Celebrity Carz and Rant Sports. James decided to dedicate some of his time featuring posts he thinks are cool and a little different to all the usual stuff out there.



At one stage I was pretty much 100% accurate at being able to identify cars by their headlights in the dark (sad as that may seem). As life has gone on, I’ve never got any less obsessed and this blog is now the outlet for that obsession.

said Rob, founder and main editor at

This blog covers test drives, experience days amongst many other motoring trends. One of the most impressive categories on this blog is DIY/Projects, where Rob publishes best projects along with tips and tricks for car maintenance. Thanks to Flickr, you might find some impressive shots Rob captured on events he visited.



This is a heaven where you can find reviews, test and news of the most beautiful, coolest and iconic cars on the roads of Great Britain. With cars split into six different categories, brings the best from the world of fast and expensive cars along with a gallery of pictures including wonderful girls and fabulous cars. Furthermore, offers items listed for sale including automotive themed books, Cars, Art, Books, DVDs, Memorabilia, Clothing and Miscellaneous.

Full multimedia experience is enhanced with categories such as videos, gift ideas, road trips or special category specially dedicated for supercars.



Girls love cars too. The daily online magazine for motoring and extreme sports brings fresh news every day. With more than 3,100 followers on Twitter, become one of the most important car blogs with published latest news and reviews on motorsport, motoring, extreme sports and lifestyle. Beside news from automotive industry, publishes motorsport reports of Formula 1, Motocross, MotoGP and Superbike.

With a dozens of road tests, every petrolhead can find something. We encourage you to look at cars from girl perspective. You will be stunned. Visit on Twitter and on Facebook too.



Driving Spirit is not about supercars. On this website, you can find reviews of affordable but fast cars. Chris, as a founder of this blog had an interesting idea about writing and informing about affordable fast cars. Therefore, become one of the leading motoring publications covering specific niche of automotive industry. On this blog you can read about hot hatchbacks, fast affordable coupes, or just look at the beautiful reviews of PC, Xbox and PlayStation games (of course, motoring games). You can follow on every major social network.



Driving News is an online magazine containing motoring and driving news and car reviews. A huge archive of posts and unique articles are the main characteristic of this car blog which is maintained by Steve Napier. Car news, car reviews, road test and other material closely related with automotive industry in Great Britain is processed by Steve himself, and published on this car blog.

Beside conventional car reviews, offers unconventional look to green cars and new, environmentally friendly technology used in modern cars. Best illustration of would be: All the latest driving news, motoring legislation, and automotive gossip in one place.



Founded in 1999, became one of the leading motoring websites, providing readers with immediate access to test drives, news and features on some of the world’s most exciting and interesting cars. The professional car magazine offers magazine and newspaper publication as well as highly organized and appealing website. New car reviews, along with the road test of new vehicles including high-end vehicles like Bugatti Veyron, Ferraris, and Porsches etc., are published in a highly professional manner as all of the reporters have extensive knowledge about automotive journalism. You can follow on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook.



You want some really objectively written articles? Visit and you will be amazed by the real emotions that come out of keyboards of motoring enthusiasts and journalists writing for Motoring Journo.  Beside vast archives of road tests, you may enjoy reading the newest gossips in the field of automotosport, or just browse through hundreds of useful videos. Motoring Journo has been online for almost two years (actually their birthday is on 11th of January) and they are available on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


carwitter is a straight to the point, waffle free, car news and review site. If you open the about section on, this sentence will pop out. They are not untruthful, carwitter publishes up to date news, wonderful car reviews, and the motorsport news. Carwitter is a concise, simple and easy to use car website with the mission to bring as much information in simple and short articles as they can. Carwitter founder believes picture paints a thousand words, so you can expect hundreds of attractive pictures Carwitter journalist captured during their road test, car shows etc. You can find Carwitter on every major social network.



Automotive Blog is a new blog site dedicated to the automotive industry that brings you the latest news, car reviews and information; this will be the place to keep up to date on what’s happening. Since Automotive Blog is a brand new blog emerging in Great Britain, they are looking for new bloggers and writers, so don’t be lazy. Apply; you just might be the person they are looking for.



This blog is all about classic cars. Both the newest classic car shows and classic car restorations are covered. Classic car reviews and the tips and tricks about maintenance of classic cars can be found on this site. Simply designed website offers highly synoptic form additionally enhanced with simple yet appealing category organization. The intuitive form of the website drives the visitor to the part of the site dedicated for classic car restoration, future classic car section, or even a section with wonderfully organized documentaries about car classics.



This blog is closely related with new parents. As the blog is a brainchild of Emma Button from Mellow Mummy, it is easy to guess this blog is intended for parents who are looking for a new vehicle, or anything related with transportation of a whole family. Tips and tricks for easy car repairs, tips for buying a used and various reviews of subjects needed in everyday life of a new parent are the main themes of this car blog. You may find elaborate and highly informative articles about any subject closely related to UK Moms and Dads on this blog. Also, offers an opportunity for publishing your own written articles or videos regarding a theme concerning young family transportation.


The Green Car Website


You want to know something about green cars? Then visit the green car website, the most informative place about green cars on World Wide Web. Everything is there: green car reviews, road tests, hybrid and hydrogen car reviews, tax information, LPG information and much more. With more than 5.400 followers on Twitter, stands out from other media related only to green cars. Along with daily updates, the team are open for any suggestion, so don’t hesitate to contact them. The team with more than ten years of experience used their knowledge of green cars to make a whole media ecosystem, and you can explore their work in the archive which gathers articles published in the past five years.



You can call it an open blog. Everyone is invited to write for this blog; just make a nice and grammatically correct text, send it to the team and they’ll consider publishing it on Car Articles publishes useful information about car buying, selling and ownership. Also, you can find tips about insurance, maintenance, security and much more. Beside, offers special services off free car valuation. In a few minutes you can find out how much your car is worth on the market of the used cars. Also, website offers a full explanation of car insurances in Great Britain.



Last but not least, it wouldn’t be fair if you didn’t shoehorn ourselves into this list! Japtalk, specialising in news and reviews of Japanese cars, is back on track. Along with the news from Japanese automotive industry, covers various themes regarding Japanese cars. Tips and tricks published in the form of highly informative articles on this website will help drivers of Japanese cars. Articles about tuned vehicles might just inspire owners of Japanese cars to delve deep into the modified car scene. publishes news on regular basis and is active on the main social networks such as twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.


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